How Can I Increase My Chances of Selling My House in Bakersfield?

One of the first questions that every seller asks when they put their home on the market is “how can I increase my chances of selling my house in Bakersfield?”. In general, most homeowners are eager to sell their house. However, some homeowners NEED to sell their home fast. This could be due to financial reasons, foreclosure, downsizing, relocation, divorce, and many additional reasons. Regardless of why you want to sell your home, below, we will discuss the top five tips to help you increase your chances of selling your house quickly in Bakersfield.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

selling my house in bakersfieldThe exterior of your home and your landscaping is the first thing that potential buyers will see when they come to visit your home. As the old adage goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, if you want to increase your overall chances of selling your house fast in Bakersfield, you should take a hard look at your home’s exterior appearance. In general, your lawn should be neat and well-maintained. The sidewalk and driveway should be clear of cracks and cleaned.

Additionally, you should consider adding flowers or decorative shrubs to give your home a more inviting feel. Lastly, your front entrance should be well lit with a decorative doormat. Also, consider painting your entrance door in a color that makes your home pop.

Professionally Stage Your Home

Professionally staging your home is an excellent way to give potential buyers an idea of what they can do with your home. If done correctly, staging helps buyers envision their family in your home. Remember that you don’t have to stage your entire home; you could select certain rooms to stage to highlight your home’s best features. If physically staging your home is out of your budget, consider digitally staging your home, which is much cheaper.

Additionally, the advantage of digitally staging your home is that it is flexible. Notably, you can offer potential buyers several staged versions of your home, which should garner a larger pool of potential buyers.

Declutter and Clean

Whether you choose to stage your home physically or digitally, you must remember to clean and declutter regardless. Focusing on throwing out excess junk and items. Also, declutter and organize any closet and storage spaces. If these spaces are not organized, it gives the appearance that your home does not have enough storage or is too small.

Hire An Experienced Real Estate Agent or Broker

An experienced local real estate agent should be able to help you increase your chances of selling your house fast in Bakersfield. Specifically, an experienced agent can help you price your home correctly to attract the largest pool of potential buyers. Additionally, an experienced agent would be able to give you advice and tips on things to do to help you sell your house faster. Lastly, an experienced agent in your area should have strong connections with other agents to increase showings to your property. However, keep in mind that selling your house with an agent does mean you have to pay commissions.

Sell Your Home to Top Offer Today.

Did you know that over 40% of real estate transactions are all-cash deals? There are several reasons why all-cash deals are so popular. Specifically, selling your house to an investor in Bakersfield eliminates most fees and hurdles that are present when you use a real estate agent or sell your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO). When you sell your house to an investor like Top Offer Today, you don’t have to worry about getting your home “market-ready” because we purchase your home “as-is.”

Additionally, you can have cash in your pocket within a couple of weeks, much faster than the traditional three to six months that it takes to sell your home through a real estate agent. Lastly, because we don’t require financing, you don’t have to worry about the deal falling through because of contingencies, unsatisfactory home inspections, low appraisals, and bank denials. You likewise don’t have to worry about paying hefty real estate agent commissions and fees.

Best Way for Selling My House in Bakersfield?

If you are ready to sell your house today, check out our testimonials, reviews, and FAQs, and give us a call today if you want to sell your house fast in Bakersfield.


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