How To Get Multiple Offers on Your Bakersfield House?

Home sales have been going wild since the whole Covid-19 situation, due to which interest rates have been historically low during the year. Furthermore, we have noticed flexible lending requirements and a significant drop in the foreclosure rate. All these factors are beneficial for sellers, and we believe that most of them are collectivity breathing a sigh of relief.

But at the same time, you as a seller would aspire to get multiple offers on your Bakersfield home. Having several offers helps sellers choose the best and the most profitable one out of all, which falls in their favor. Fortunately, getting multiple offers isn’t as hard as it sounds. By following a few steps and taking a better initiative, you can move your listing into the multiple-offers zone.

1 – Price it right

Sellers often tend to struggle when it comes to pricing their property. We all wish to make a profit, but the question is, how much can you make with your property? You can take it as high as possible and as low as possible depending on your need. But the best approach is to price it right, both for you and the buyers. The more competitive and market-appropriate your price is, the more the buyers will be attracted to your property.

2 – Have An Open House

multiple offers for your bakersfield house

Think from the buyer’s perspective here. Imagine, if you were buying a home, would you purchase it by looking at the online images? Of course no! Buyers tend to enjoy touring the property before they make the purchase. So, set up a date and time for an open house and invite potential buyers to have a look at your property and imagine themselves living there.

3 – Stage The House

Putting in extra effort and a bit of money can help you sell faster and attract better offers. Staging your home means making it more presentable for the buyers, especially when you are having an open house. This helps the buyers get an idea of how the place will look if they move in. You can do it on your own or you can hire professionals to do the job for you.

4 – Market Your Property

Next, the best approach is to market your property. Just like all other items, you need to market your home to attract the right buyers. You can use various techniques such as putting up a for sale sign, listing your property on both local and international listing sites and hiring a professional real estate agent to help you spread the word about your property.

5 – Get A Free Offer From Top Offer Today

Would you like to sell your house in Bakersfield without the work of selling on your own? The benefit of selling to us is we take care of the entire process.

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Remember, the reason why having multiple offers is beneficial is that as a seller you get to choose the best option, meaning the one that is profitable and hassle-free as well. Never go with the highest offer that comes with several contingencies. You never know what the buyer will back out of it. So play safe and profitable at the same time.


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