Sell a Rental Property in Bakersfield with Bad Tenants

Are you a landlord in Bakersfield, CA planning to sell a rental property with bad tenants? Although investing in rental properties can be a great investment decision, it also comes with its fair share of challenges and one of them is dealing with bad tenants.

If you are a tired landlord in Bakersfield and you are willing to sell your rental property that is occupied by bad tenants, talk to us and we are ready to help. Being locals in California and landlords ourselves, we have dealt with many bad tenants.

As real estate investors here in Bakersfield, we have many years of experience in real estate and we can help you sell your rental property “as-is” regardless of who is occupying it. If your rental property has tenants in it, you don’t have to worry because we also buy tenant occupied rental property.

Selling your Bakersfield Rental Property Fast

If you are a tired landlord, selling your rental property fast for cash is the best option. We understand the frustrations that tired landlords go through and that’s why we guarantee faster closing and cash payments. We are always ready to take the burden off the shoulder of tired landlords who are either struggling with;

  • Bad tenants
  • Unreliable rental Management Company
  • Close monitoring and regular property maintenance especially for those who live in other cities or oversees
  • High rental maintenance costs which reduce your investment returns
  • Maintaining an active role as a landlord especially at old age

If as a landlord you fall under any of the above categories, we have dealt with many other similar cases before and we are ready to help. We buy rental properties in Bakersfield fast for cash and we guarantee faster home closings.

Why Should You Work With Us?

  • As a home seller, you don’t incur any closing costs or escrow agent fees
  • You don’t have to worry about repairs because we buy your rental property “as-is”
  • Guarantee faster closing mostly within a week
  • We buy rental properties with tenants thus, saving you the burden of evicting bad tenants or issuing tenancy termination notices
  • We also buy vacant or neglected  rental properties

When we buy your Bakersfield rental property as is and for cash, we make sure to close quickly. We also make sure that you never have to worry about making costly repairs and renovations. This is great for you because you can avoid the long drawn out process of listing with an agent.

Another benefit of working with us is the fact that we buy all types of rental properties. Therefore, if you have a single-family or multi-family rental in Bakersfield, we’re ready to buy it for cash.

Sell Your Bakersfield Rental Today!

If you’re ready to sell your rental property in Bakersfield, we promise a quick and simple process. Just fill out our simple form or give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

Feel free to visit our “How it Works” Page where you will get answers to any questions that you might have on how to sell a rental property in Bakersfield for cash.

Looking forward to working with you for an outstanding experience!!

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